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CNC & Manual Machining

C&A Machining, part of the C&A Group, provides versatile manual and CNC machining services. With capacities ranging from custom prototype components to mass production runs, our skilled journeymen and high-quality machinery provide us the capability to manufacture the highest quality products to meet our customers’ demands.

Capacities and size of the components manufactured vary based on the following equipment we utilize:

CNC Equipment
• 1 — CNC HAAS TM1P 3 Axis with Indexer
(X30" x Y12" x Z16")
• 3 — CNC HAAS VF- 4 3 Axis with Indexer
(X50" x Y20" x Z25")
• 1 — CNC HAAS Lathe TL3
(X20" x Z60")
• 1 — Puma 300C/LC
(Max Turning Diameter 15.7")
(Max Turning Length 50.4")


A service essential to the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and machinery in food processing, agriculture, energy and manufacturing industries, C&A Group provides our customers with the expertise and capability required to ensure their equipment and operations run smoothly and at their capacity.

With the support of all companies in the C&A Group, the additional services required in the millwright trade such as welding and machining are readily available to ensure completion of your next project.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting technology utilizes high-pressure water with an abrasive substance to create a cutting tool that travels at three times the speed of sound. With this tool, virtually any material can be cut with or without an abrasive. It allows us to cut with an unprecedented precision, through any material, any thickness, without affecting the integrity of the material.

C&A Group offers cutting services for the following material:

• Aluminum
• Ceramic
• Composites
• Alloys
• Stainless Steel and Other Highly Reflective Materials
• Stone
• Titanium
• Tool Steel
• Plastic
• Rubber
• And More

Engineering & Design

As the demands and pace of industry continue to increase, the need for up-front project engineering and management increases as well. Design services offered within the C&A Group are industry specialized. With the utilization of 3D CAD drafting technology and FEA analysis software, our team can effectively design structures, equipment and machinery to suit our customers’ needs. Full structural detailing and shop drawing services to accompany the steel fabrication are provided as well.

Effective execution of a project is key, and our project management personnel have the experience, knowledge and communication skills required to ensure projects are kept on schedule and on budget.

Custom Metal Fabrication

C&A Group has a fully equipped metal fabrication facility with the ability to CNC profile cut, shear, bend, roll, punch, weld, and machine steel and alloy metals necessary for your project or equipment. Utilization of precision machinery for processing raw materials allows our team to produce precise, and high-quality parts in-house.

C&A Group’s diversified business provides metal fabrication services ranging from structural steel for commercial/industrial structures and equipment; stainless steel for food processing equipment, storage tanks and architectural projects; and aluminum for structures, storage tanks. CWB Certified to CSA W59 & 47.1, C&A has the necessary welding qualifications and procedures to meet your project requirements.

Process/Sanitary Piping

Specializing in process piping for all your fluid handling systems. Our state-of-the-art welding equipment and skilled welders combine to ensure clean process piping for high tech and ultra-high purity requirements using MIG / TIG welding.

Skid-mounted assemblies can be fabricated at our facility, or at the customer's location utilizing our fully equipped mobile facility. In either case, field installations are fast and
efficient using our prefabricated assemblies.

- Sanitary Welding Per 3A Standards
- Skid Assemblies
- Spool Piping Fabrication
- Pipe Support Fabrication
- Specialty Fabrication Needs

Equipment Installation

C&A Group provides equipment installation services for commercial and industrial facilities with the team and expertise to meet your processing equipment requirements. Utilizing high precision surveying and equipment mapping procedures, our team places a high level of importance on the accuracy and quality of installation to ensure all components fit exactly as required.

Accompanying all equipment installation projects, our project management personnel are continually aware of meeting milestone dates and understand the restricted time constraints that most clients are under and their need to minimize downtime. As part of our mandate for excellence we utilize our knowledge, expertise, and management support to plan and execute the project ensuring a successful conclusion.

3D Laser Scanning

C&A Group is now offering 3D Laser Scanning services utilizing Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D for small to medium sized 3D scanning projects. Our handheld 3D scanner is capable of scanning objects up to 4 meters in size at an extremely high level of detail (0.5mm). By offering this service in conjunction with our in-house fabrication and machining capabilities we can replicate and rebuild components quickly and accurately, saving our customers down-time and resources.

In addition to component scanning, we offer 3D scanning services for design and retrofit applications to assist with building and incorporating custom equipment into existing spaces ensuring accuracy and perfect fit every time. The technology can also be used to digitally preserve anything from family heirlooms and antiques to reverse engineering custom/handmade components and parts necessary for to produce 3D models and production drawings.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection

C&A Provides Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection services for commercial, industrial projects, and manufactures Pre-Engineered Industrial Re-Locatable Buildings. C&A Group has the capacity to meet the large variety and demand of structural fabrication needs in the wide range of industries we service. Apart from building fabrication, we provide a wide range of miscellaneous steel fabrication services for equipment support structures, stairs & handrails, hoppers, bins and architectural. Our 35,000 square foot facility equipped with three 5-ton overhead cranes provides the space and versatility to manufacture large or small structures in custom builds or production runs.

C&A Group is certified for CWB W47.1 & W59 as well as CSA A660 and with the support of our Engineering & Design team, can lead or assist with design and fabrication of any steel structure.

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