C&A Machining offers high quality, versatile Manual & CNC machining services out of our facility in Lethbridge, AB. Specializing in providing CNC machined parts for machinery and equipment in food processing, oil and gas, mining, and agriculture, our wide range of industry experience adds value to the development of the production manufacturing needed to support your business. Our facility is equipped with a wide range of CNC machines to create the CNC machined parts you need. We have an 85ksi Waterjet, Manual & CNC Lathes, 3-Axis CNC Mills with 4th Axis rotary attachments, surface grinders, shapers, and the expert tradespersons needed to produce the machined parts you need!

Our team at C&A Machining recognizes that you must have the right equipment and skilled machinists for the task and application to be efficient and effective. Combine that with providing services to manufacturing facilities and customers where minimizing downtime is a necessity, and you get a team that fully understands the importance of reliability, quality, and versatility and executes accordingly.

High Performance CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining services are supported by our versatile and reliable CNC machines and operator expertise which allows us to meet your custom and production CNC machining needs. In addition to CNC machining we offer repair machining services which allow us to service broken shafts or damaged bearing journals that require a quick weld repair and turn to get your equipment back up in operation. You can trust C&A Machining with your production projects, CNC machining, and repair work.


C&A Machining has a wide range of experience machining varying materials including carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastics/composites. We take great pride in providing you with a complete range of manual machining & CNC machining services at our Lethbridge facility.

C&A Group of Companies - Machining in Lethbridge, AB
C&A Group of Companies - Machining in Lethbridge, AB

Capacities and size of the CNC machined parts vary based on the following equipment we utilize:

C&A Machining Equipment

  1.     CNC Profile Cutter – Flow Waterjet – 85,000 PSI – 6’ x 12’ Table
  2.     CNC Milling – HAAS TM1P 3 Axis with Indexer (X30” x Y12” x Z16”)
  3.     CNC Milling –  HAAS VF4 3 Axis with Indexer (X50” x Y20” x Z25”)
  4.     CNC Turning HAAS Lathe TL3 (X20” x Z60”)
  5.   CNC Turning – Puma 300X/LC (Max Ø15.7” x Max Length 50.4”)
  6.     Manual Lathes & Milling Machines
  7.     Surface Grinder
  8.     Horizontal Shaper
  9.     75 Ton Hydraulic Press

Reverse Engineered Spare Parts

Have a long lead item part or a machine that no longer provides spare parts? C&A Machining can provide reverse engineering and CNC machining services in Lethbridge to support your facilities spare parts needs. With the use of our GoScan! 3D Laser Scanner and 3D modelling systems (Solidworks & GibbsCAM), we can precisely scan, measure, model and manufacture the CNC machined parts you need to keep your equipment running in top shape!

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