C&A Industries offers high quality metal fabrication services based out of our 35,000 ft^2 facility in Lethbridge, AB. We specialize in stainless steel fabrication, aluminium fabrication, carbon steel fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication utilizing exceptional metal fabrication equipment and tradespersons. Our facility is equipped with versatile and reliable manufacturing equipment needed to create the custom metal fabricated products you need. We have in house Waterjet Cutting, CNC Bending, Rolling, Punching, Shearing, Drilling, Grinding, Welding, and Finishing equipment at our disposal and when teamed up with our highly skilled tradespersons, you end up with high quality metal fabrication!

C&A Industries and C&A Structural provide metal fabrication services in Lethbridge ranging from structural and miscellaneous steel for commercial/industrial structures and equipment; stainless steel fabrication for food processing equipment, storage tanks and architectural projects, and aluminium fabrication for structures, storage tanks, and architecture. We are CWB Certified to CSA W47.1 & W59.

We take great pride in providing you with the complete range of custom metal fabrication services at our facility. Some of the equipment we utilise is:

  1.     Flow Waterjet Profile Cutter – 85,000 PSI – 6’ x 12’ Table
  2.     Accupress CNC Press Brake – 250 Ton – 12’ Wide
  3.     All-Steel Manual Press Brake – 175 Ton – 12’ Wide
  4.     Accupress CNC Shear – Up to ½” Plate – 10’ Wide
  5.     Hyd-Mech Saw (2)
  6.     Plate Rollers (3) – Up to 12’ Long
  7.     Time Saver – Manual Finisher
  8.     75 Ton Hydraulic Press
C&A Group of Companies - Custom Frame in Lethbridge, AB

Quality Metal Fabrication Services

C&A Group of Companies - Safety in Lethbridge, AB

C&A Group prides itself on providing quality metal fabrication services to our Lethbridge customers. We accomplish quality through the utilisation of 3D CAD modelling to engineer and design our metal fabricated products, then manufacture with high quality CNC machines (cut, bend, roll, drill, machine, finish), and assemble with expert tradespersons who can fit, weld, bolt, inspect, and test everything we produce. Meticulous inspection of our metal fabricated products in the shop and in the field with an in-house (or third party depending on application) QMS system supports our quality values.

Metal Fabrication Processes

C&A Group’s Metal Fabrication Processes – Have a look at our metal fabrication processes and capabilities.

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