C&A Group provides mobile and modular drilling process, support and wastewater treatment equipment manufacturing services to the Oil & Gas Industry. Certified to CSA A660-10 with a focus on high-quality relocatable and modular steel construction buildings integrated with processing equipment, our team works to provide professional and innovative engineering, project management services complete with the quality control and safety procedures to ensure compliance with end-user requirements.

C&A Group has developed modular construction solutions for mobile camp construction projects focusing on off-site construction methods that result in improved quality control, reduced on-site construction time, and minimized risk to inspection issues and delays to construction schedule.

Providing an end-to-end solution experience with an integrated and collaborative approach is our goal. C&A Group’s engineering and project management Lethbridge team in collaboration with our construction partners and industry-leading suppliers strive to provide the best one-stop shop experience for your next project.

Products Associated: Portable & Wastewater Tanks, Modular Camp Firewall System, Modular Steel Buildings, Municipal Underground Utility, Structures, Custom Equipment

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