C&A Group offers high quality, versatile process pipe fabrication services out of our 35,000 ft^2 facility in Lethbridge, Alberta. We specialize in utility piping systems for building and process systems, pressure piping for boilers, heaters, and processing equipment, and process piping for food, beverage, water, and chemical processing systems. We have in-house engineering, machining, pipe groove rolling, orbital welding, and finishing equipment at our disposal and when teamed up with our highly skilled fitters, plumbers, and welders, you end up with high quality process pipe fabricated products!

Quality Process Pipe Fabrication

C&A Group prides itself on providing quality process pipe fabrication services to Lethbridge customers. We accomplish quality through expert process design and planning with our customers and execute fabrication and installation with the utilization of 3D CAD modelling to route our piping system to maximize our field construction efficiency. Meticulous inspection of our products in the shop and in the field with an in-house (or third party depending on application) quality management system supports our quality values. C&A Group is ABSA certified to ensure quality and code compliance with all pressure piping applications.

Utility Piping

C&A Group provides process piping and commercial/industrial plumbing services for standard building utility services such as domestic water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, and venting, or for utilities necessary for process equipment to operate.

C&A Group also specializes in utility piping for municipal or institutional facilities such as schools, hospitals, large public use buildings, and water/wastewater treatment facilities. We strive to provide versatile and expert utility process pipe fabrication services to Southern Alberta.

Pressure Piping

Does your piping project require high-pressure expandable gases or high-pressure fluids? C&A Group can help! We provide high pressure pipe fabrication services for customers across Southern Alberta while adhering to the highest level of quality and reliability. Our team of expert welders and internal quality control processes ensure quality welding and pressure piping systems that will meet your high-pressure process pipe fabrication project needs!

Sanitary Piping

Need process pipe fabrication to the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation? Look no further than C&A Group’s sanitary process pipe fabrication services. We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of sanitary piping systems for food, beverage, and chemical processing systems. C&A Group can provide a turn-key system including all process valves, instruments, vessels, and piping, or just sanitary purge welding services.

Process Piping Capabilities

C&A Group offers a wide range of process pipe fabrication services utilizing a variety of methods and materials. Check out more details on our services below:

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