At C&A Group, we believe that thoughtful and collaborative planning aligned with purposeful execution will lead to success. The Engineering & design of our projects and development of our products always starts with a technical analysis of the problem and there is nobody better to lead this than our team of engineers and designers based in Lethbridge, AB. C&A Group is proud to offer the expert value added services of our engineering and design to our projects and products.

Design Performance & Quality

At C&A Group we are driven to perform to meet our customer’s expectations and demand the highest quality of our products and services. Leading the quality of our projects and products is our engineering and design team in Lethbridge. With the utilization of our internal quality and design processes, tools, software, and combined team expertise we provide an unmatched engineering and manufacturing service in Lethbridge, AB. We, at C&A Group, leave no stone unturned in making the design process complete. This starts with thorough preliminary design inputs, review meetings, data collection and analysis. As the design progresses, we have multiple quality checks and milestones for customer and project team input, review, and feedback including FMEA, site dimension confirmations, and design validation checks including third-party engineering certifications and review.

To further support performance and quality our engineering and design team is constantly exploring new technologies to improve our processes, develop our knowledge, and provide greater value to our customers. We have integrated 3D Laser Scanning Technology into our data collection and analysis process to ensure quality and accuracy of the information we are working with to dramatically reduce fitment errors encountered in the shop or on site. We utilize large scale scanners such as the Leica RTC360 for large 3D point cloud models, or the Creaform GoScan! For small to medium surface model scans necessary for reverse engineering components or systems.

Engineering & Design Services Offered

C&A Group’s engineering and design team specialize with structural and mechanical design with a wide range of experience across many industries. Our team provides the following engineering and design services:

  1.   2D CAD Layout Drawings – AutoCAD
  2.   3D Modelling – Solidworks
  3.   Finite Element Analysis – Solidworks Simulation – Static Analysis
  4.   Plant Equipment Layout, Integration & Process Design
  5.   3D Point Cloud BIM Modelling & Integration
  6.   3D Laser Scanning Model Reverse Engineering
  7.   Process Equipment & Machine Design
  8.   Process Flow & P&ID Drawings
  9.   Shop Construction Drawings
  10.   Structural Steel Detailing
  11.   Automation Controls Narrative/Functional Descriptions
  12. ·   Operations, Safety & Parts Manuals

Benefits of C&A’s In-House Engineering & Design Services

C&A Group’s in-house engineering and design team provides tremendous value to our continual product development and technical support as well as project planning and execution. Some benefits of C&A providing in-house engineering and design are below:

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