C&A Group has an expert equipment installation team with extensive experience installing industrial process equipment and systems. We understand that for a process system to operate efficiently and effectively the equipment installation has to be executed accurately and with attention to detail to ensure that product transitions are optimized to reduce spill points and wastage. Our team of engineers, project managers, and skilled tradespersons collaborate on the best method of installation to provide the best performance for your equipment installation project!

C&A Group tackles any size of equipment installation – from a single piece of equipment to an entire processing facility. We have the internal capabilities to handle 100% of the mechanical equipment installation and utilize our construction partners to cover the remaining aspects (electrical, controls, etc.) to provide turnkey equipment installation solutions for your next project!

Wide Range of Equipment Installation Services

Our diverse team of equipment installation experts in Lethbridge and our vast experience across many industries allows us to provide a wide range of equipment installation services:

  1. Equipment layout, surveying & marking
  2. Crane and rigging
  3. Structural steel erection
  4. Equipment placement, anchoring, and complete assembly
  5. Mechanical and electrical installation and connection
  6. Inspection, Testing, and commissioning of equipment
  7. Relocation of equipment, catwalks, mechanical/electrical for optimizing layout
  8. Retrofitting equipment for operations optimization as per OEM instructions

Some examples of equipment we regularly install:

  1. Structures, Catwalks, Mezzanines, Stairs & Handrail
  2. Conveyors – Belt, Roller, Chain, Bucket, Pneumatic, Vibratory, Screw
  3. Process Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Storage Bins
  4. Process Equipment – Fryers, Dryers, Washers, Sorters, Blanchers, Waste
  5. HVAC units – MUA, Heaters, Fans, Blowers, Ducting
  6. Centrifuges, Pumps, Filters
  7. Boilers, Heat Exchangers
  8. Process / Utility Piping, Sanitary Piping, Valve Clusters, Flow Boards
  9. Filter Presses, Rotary Screen Separators
  10. Hydraulic power units

How can our industry experts help with your next project?